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Room Fragrance 

​Fragrance your home or work space with unique, recognisable, luxury, couture scents to complete your personal or business brand. As seen on Channel 4s 'Millionaire Homes'.

​Fragrance for your home

How does your home smell? We spend a lot of time in certain places and it’s important we feel comfortable with their ambient scent and mood to maximise our experience and time there. If others are visiting our spaces it’s important to us that they enjoy a positive experience. Perfumology can help you create a single bespoke fragrance for your home or several for different rooms.

​Fragrance for your business

How does your business smell? If you are in business, it may be important to you that the experience your customers have of your working environment fits seamlessly with your branding. Scent is a powerful marketing tool for businesses to harness. Some examples of where scent branding can be used very effectively to connect with customers are hotels, retail, restaurants, beauty spas, art galleries ... but the possibilities are endless. Perfumology can help you create your unique business scent brand.

Create your own bespoke room fragrance

Book a Perfume Styling Consultation for your home or business. We’ll spend time with you, introducing you to a range of scent notes and fragrances to choose from, allowing you to design your personal and unique scents. We’ll then craft your blend combinations into a range of high quality, easy to use options suitable for your special purposes. You can choose from candles, diffusers and sprays.

Select from the Perfumology range

Searching the high street to find just the right scent to enhance your spaces and their inherent moods can be a frustrating and time wasting occupation. We can save you the time and the trouble. Perfumology has a range of gorgeous ready made room scents - candles, diffusers and sprays to choose from.

Perfume Styling

from £295

Perfumology Range