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Spring is in the Air!

It is true isn’t it?  It seems to me we’ve been hunkered down for a little while now, hibernating maybe or at the very least curled up in front of a warm fire trying to ignore the dullness of January and February.  But, light is on the horizon – the nights are drawing out and the snowdrops are peeping through, daffodils are starting to appear.

In my world of fragrance that can only mean one thing – time for a refresh!  The spicy, orangy, dried fruity and woody scented candles of Christmas are probably on their last legs by now and although they’ve comforted us for the last few dull weeks we’re beginning to become just a little bit jaded with that reminder of the event which seems so long ago now.

Our attention has moved on and our longing is for fresh, open spaces –  I like to stay “on season” with the scents I use around me, so rather than plunging directly into “summer breezes” I prefer to ease gently forward and fully appreciate the fresh promise of spring.

Although not commonly found in perfumery, snowdrops are reputed to smell faintly sweet with a whiff of damp soil mixed with old grass – green, cool, crisp and wet.  It is possible to find fragrances which allude to that damp, earthy, freshness we associate with this time and as we long for optimistic spring there are delicious scents to enjoy such as fresia, hyacinth and jonquil.  Seek them out, they’re worth it!

Autumn Perfumes – Time for a Change ?

A Chill is in the air and Christmas is on the horizon … True – but we’ve enjoyed a beautiful Indian Summer and the sun is still shining bright, highlighting the change of colour in the trees with the lovely jewel colours of autumn.  We feel there’s more to enjoy before we really settle down… Continue Reading