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​About Us

With many years’ experience in a variety of career roles, I officially retired – what I really celebrated was the opportunity to take my path in a completely different direction.

Nowadays I have the privilege to be journeying in the worlds of fragrance and flavour and the fortune to be running sister businesses – Perfumology and Leaf & Petal.

One of the most dominant trends in the world of fragrance more recently is the rise and rise of the “Celebrity” Perfume.

However, a few years ago I was introduced to a concept and system which enables the likes of you and I, by that I mean as opposed to the rich and famous, to learn about fragrance, connect with our personal relationships with scent, our sense of smell and draw on our very essence to design unique perfumes which celebrate us as individuals and make us feel like who we are - most special person in the whole world!

This was the start of my journey of discovery and although now my business encompasses a number of areas, this concept still underpins what I do.

My most rewarding experiences come from working with clients helping them to create their own “scent IDs” – that moment when they say “I love this” is the moment I know my job is done.

Kerry Voke