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Updates from our fragrant world of perfume …

We’ve been on quite a journey in this last year or two, have experimented with new perfumed products and services, refined older ones and started a new second business born out of the ideas and experiences we’ve had – and we haven’t been in touch with you all as much as we would like but now it is time to share our progress … now, where to start?

Firstly, we’d like to assure you that our core business remains the same – our first love is still to share our unique blend of learning, discovery and participation, enabling you to create bespoke perfumes and scents which express your essence, personality and style – your unique “Scent ID” through a now enhanced range of consultations, experiences and masterclasses.

We enjoyed our time taking our “Pop-up Perfume Bar” to a variety of events and will continue to do so from time to time – watch this space!  However, we want to put our energies into helping individuals and businesses to understand the power of fragrance and how it can create a positive impact for them.

The legacy of that time has been one of our most exciting developments in the form of our sister business – Leaf and Petal.

There have been other additions – our range of Perfumology perfumes, personalised bottles and a home fragrance range to name a few – and last but by no means least an update to our website which we’re very pleased with.

So, we hope you’ll stay with us to follow our journey on it’s next leg – we plan to reward you with lots more information, hints, tip, special offers and features – if there’s something you’d like to hear about or have questions you’d like answered just let us know – chances are there are lots of others who’d enjoy that information too.

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