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  • Perfumology Individual Perfume Creation and Styling


According to the Oxford dictionary the word 'perfumology' doesn’t exist … to me it means indulging my passion as a Fragrance Stylist, sharing with you my unique blend of learning, discovery and participation in helping you create unique scents which express your essence, your personality and your style.

Individual perfume styling

Perfumology scent branding

Express your individuality with a bespoke, personalised perfume which perfectly fits your personality & style

Fragrance for your home or business

Tap into the power of fragrance to create a special ambience in your home or a scent brand for your workplace.

Perfume parties and events 

Perfumology Perfume Parties

Have fun with friends learning about perfume and how it can help you stand out from the crowd.



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"Your passion for what you do is so evident. I was truly amazed by the power of scent and my reactions to it. So glad I have been able to create my own unique signature scent that means so much to me"


"The perfume making session was a great way to get to know everyone and making something unique to keep."


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